Wraith And Serena

Serena Kelley loved hunting. The hunt – for archaeological treasure — had been the highlight of her life when she’d been human. Now that she was a vampire, the hunts were for food, and somehow, it was a million times more exciting.

The best part was watching Wraith take down their prey.

Total. Shivers.

They’d tracked a group of gang-bangers through the streets of LA, waiting for one or two to break off. Two males eventually stepped into the doorway of a building, their own predatory gazes waiting for something. A drug deal, a victim to rob.

Oh, how Serena liked to hunt scumbags. Last week, they’d scared the ever-living crap out of some Russian flesh-traders. The week before, Colombian drug cartel assholes. Toying with them, watching them piss their macho selves, it was great entertainment.

“You want those two?” Wraith asked, his lips grazing her ear.

Electricity sparked in his touch – the buildup to the finale always had them so hot that if it weren’t for the fact that they needed to feed, they’d be ripping at each others’ clothes at this point in every hunt.

“Take them,” she whispered.

She was fully capable of doing it herself – she was stronger than humans, and Wraith had taught her well. But she’d rather watch her mate do it, because the rewards…God, she was actually panting as he slipped silently into the shadows.

With embarrassing ease, he grabbed both of the large males and whipped them into the dark alley between the buildings. Serena shifted so she could watch, and her mouth watered as he pinned one to the brick and sank his fangs into the struggling male’s throat, and held the other effortlessly in the air with one hand around his neck.

He wouldn’t kill them – as vampires, they were allowed only one human kill a month, and Wraith saved it for serious scumbags, like one of the Russian guys from last week. So far, she’d controlled herself and hadn’t killed anyone except a few demons that had attacked her when they’d been out hunting demonic artifacts. For her, those were the rules: Attack me, and die. And when humans attacked, they weren’t subject to the one-per-month rule. Defending and feeding were two different things.

The male in the air kicked for a moment, but Wraith’s hold rendered him unconscious quickly.

They didn’t do this every night – they only imposed on their family to babysit about once a week. Usually Serena stayed home with Stewie and waited for Wraith to come home from the hunt. She’d pounce on him when he came through the door, and they rarely made it to the bedroom before she had her fangs in his throat and he was sheathed inside her.

As though Wraith knew where her thoughts had gone, he shifted so he could see her, his golden gaze slicing right through her. The air between them thickened, shimmered with hunger, and with a snarl, he released the first male to bite into the second, taking extra blood so he could feed her.

Sometimes he teased her, drinking slowly, with long, lingering pulls. Other times, like now, he practically inhaled his food, swallowing greedily, so fast he probably tasted nothing.

Her boy was impatient to finish…so he could start with her.

Serena shivered with delicious anticipation.

Wraith dropped the second male to the ground and swung around to fully face her. His eyes were molten with lust, his gaze a laser, and it was targeted on her.

Sometimes she waited for him to come at her, take her right where she stood. Sometimes she ran, made him give chase and work for it.

Tonight was one of those nights, and he knew it. His nostrils flared, his muscles twitched, and he lowered his head, let out a roar, and launched himself at her.

With a delighted scream, Serena ran.

Wraith’s heavy footsteps pounded the pavement behind her. She ran faster. He hissed, kicked himself into the next gear, and gained on her. Oh, she was tempted to slow down and let him catch her, but the longer the chase, the harder he worked for it, the fiercer the lovemaking.

And tonight she wanted everything he had to give.

She darted down an alley, zigzagged between buildings, leaped onto a stairwell and dashed across a rooftop. When she reached the edge, she jumped, hit the next roof in a crouch.

She couldn’t hear Wraith behind her anymore.

Cautiously, she unfurled to her full height and peered into the night. In the distance, she heard vehicles honking, people partying, dogs barking. A gunshot rang out somewhere nearby.

But there was no sign of her mate.

She knew better than to think she’d lost him. Most likely, he was circling the building, waiting for her to either come down the rickety external fire escape or leap to the next building. But she’d have the last laugh, because she wasn’t going to do either.

She’d take the inside stairwell and sneak out the front door of the apartment building, where he wouldn’t expect her to exit.

Silently, she crept to the doorway. It was locked, but with a hard twist, she broke the knob and pushed it open.

The next thing she knew, she was yanked inside the stairwell, slammed against the wall, and Wraith’s hands were tearing at her jeans. She strained against him, giving as good as she got to rip open his fly. When she wrapped her palm around his shaft, he let out an erotic growl low in his throat, a sound that always made her go utterly wet.

In five seconds flat, her pants were off and Wraith’s sex was poised at her entrance. He tangled one hand in her hair to hold her for his kiss, dropped his other hand to lift her thigh so her core was firmly against him.

“Now,” she murmured against his lips, but damn him, he merely rotated his hips, grinding against her so her pelvis was chasing him for just the right pressure. The right touch.

He was teasing her, but she had a trick up her sleeve. Lifting her face, she flicked out her tongue and ran it up and down one of his fangs. He hissed deep in his throat, but he didn’t move. The action always had the effect of soothing the savage beast, and whenever she touched those massive teeth, he stilled, began to pant, and she would take the upper hand.

Oh, how she loved that power.

Slowly, she stroked, up and down, circling the sharp tip. A little pressure…and a drop of blood welled on her tongue. Wraith jerked, growled, and sliced his hips forward to fill her core with a single, powerful thrust.

Ripples of pleasure shot through her as the first orgasm hit. Wraith licked at her mouth as he pumped into her, but when the climax faded, another hunger surfaced, and with her own animal rumble, she bared her fangs. Wraith tilted his head, exposing his neck for her, and she didn’t wait.

Serena struck, and the taste of his skin, his blood, flooded her mouth. His moan rose up, going even deeper when she dug her nails into his back.

“Oh, yeah,” he rasped. “Fuck, yeah. Harder, baby.”

She sucked at him, reveling in the power of his body rocking into hers, the power of his life-essence flowing past her teeth, tongue, and into her veins. Another orgasm took her, and Wraith joined her for two or three of his own. Their sensations went on and on, and even after he’d stopped moving, she continued to come, thanks to his unique Seminus gift.

He held her through it, watching her with a heavy-lidded gaze. He often told her that this was the best part of sex with her – watching her come until she was quivering with exhaustion. He loved to scoop her up and take care of her during those few minutes when she was nothing but a melted pool of mush.

And, like usual, it took forever to recover. Vampires got tired and breathless, just like everyone else. Oh, sure, Eidolon said that the breathing thing was some sort of reflex leftover from human life, but Serena didn’t believe it. Not when, after a dozen orgasms, she was panting as hard as Wraith was.

Resting his forehead against hers, he smoothed his hands up to frame her face in his palms. “I love you, lirsha.”

“I love you too,” she whispered.

Now that her physical hungers had been sated, another need began to pound in her chest. She was a mother, and her son and mate were her world. She needed to get back to Stewie.

Didn’t matter that she hadn’t given birth to the beautiful, dark-haired, brown-eyed toddler. He was hers, and every day she thanked God that Wraith had been the demon he was before she’d met him. His past was tragic, frightening, and at times, wild. But it had brought him to her, and it had brought Stewie into existence.

Wraith had given her everything she’d only dreamed of.