No. The two series are in no way related and are published by different publishers. The MoonBound Clan Vampire series is set in an alternate human reality where vampires are slaves to humans.

There will be more, including Forsaken By Night, which released as a novella in the Blood Red Kiss anthology and separately on 9/25/2017. But here’s the deal with future books: I HATE releasing one book per year in a series, so instead of doing that over the course of the next 3 years (there are 3 more books planned in the series,) I’m going to concentrate on writing them all at once, that way they can all release in rapid succession. Yes, there will be a long wait between Forsaken by Night and the next book, but you’ll get the last three back to back. At least, that’s the plan. Baddon's book will be next!

No. The Lords of Deliverance series is a continuation of the Demonica series. As a spinoff, it does have new characters, but Demonica characters play large roles, and you’ll see them a lot. You’ll learn about Gem and Kynan’s baby, Tayla’s pregnancy, etc. Reaver, especially, is a big player, and his book truly ties the Demonica series and LOD series together, and trust me, his book relies heavily on the events in the Lords of Deliverance series, so I strongly urge you to read them before you read Reaver. For even more info and updates on the Demonica characters, check the Demonica: Overkill pages on my website:

In the very back of Rogue Rider, after the excerpt of Eternal Rider, there’s a hint of what’s to come. The next book, released under the Demonica designation BUT is also an LOD book, is Reaver’s story, followed by AZAGOTH and REVENANT.

I know it's been tricky to find. Sorry about that. Here you go: EPILOGUE And don't forget to check out the rest of the free reads that will catch you up with favorite Demonica characters!

Short answer: No. Long answer: When I first came up with the Demonica concept, it sold as a three book series. Although I planned for more, I couldn’t be sure that the books would do well, so I had to make sure I had all major plotlines wrapped up by book 3. So Gem and Kynan were always subplot characters. However, their story plays out over the course of the first five Demonica books and through the four Lords of Deliverance books. In a way, they actually have more page time and story time than characters who have their own books. So while Gem and Ky won’t have their own book, their stories are full and complete.

Unfortunately, I have no control over that, or it would have happened by now! 🙂 . See, in order for the books to be made into films, the rights have to be bought by someone in Hollywood. Which means they need to be interested. I haven’t had any interest, sadly, and I definitely don’t have the millions required to make it myself. I keep my fingers crossed, though!

Yes. "Ione" is my legal middle name, passed down through generations of women on my mom's side of the family.

I can’t not write. I’ve been writing since I could hold a crayon. I wrote my first novel when I was twelve. But if you’re asking if there are other careers in which I’m interested, the answer would be yes. I love medicine (and, in fact, became an EMT,) weather (have worked meteorology for 13 years,) and animals (professional dog trainer for several years.) If I couldn’t be a writer, I’d want to be a doctor, a vet, a meteorologist, an archaeologist, and an astronomer. But I’d still write.

All of my books, including my Sydney Croft titles, can be found in major bookstores and at online retailers such as

Er, same place Stephen King gets his ideas for horror scenes! My imagination, the news, movies, the real world around me! My sex scenes are no more a reflection of my life than are the bank-robbing scenes in another author’s thriller.

Five full-length novels. And a million partials!

I find it to be very flattering. I love it. I say, have fun. *g*

Kim Whalen of the Whalen Agency.

Our current house is under construction, so I write where I can. During nice weather, my favorite place to write is outside on the deck with the dogs!

It can be, if you don’t have the right partner. You MUST be equally dedicated to the work, and be writing at similar skill levels. With the right partner, it's AWESOME!

I’ve written magazine articles and several screenplays, the latter of which I became interested in after I worked on the set of James Michener’s TEXAS.

England. It has always felt like home to me. Although I have to say that I have fallen in love with Belgium, France, Germany, and The Netherlands and would love to live in any of those countries!

I’m a proud Leo (is there any other kind?) and was born in a teeny farming community in Oregon.

Feel free to email me through this website, or find me on Facebook or Instagram. I do have a Twitter account, but I rarely use it.