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Taming the Fire

(ACRO Book 4)


He came to the underground London club for a night of extreme sex play with the enigmatic “Mistress Rik”. But the Special Agent known as Trance is really on a search-and-rescue mission to keep her alive. Part predator, Ulrika “Rik” Jaegar possesses feral powers that make her a danger to others–and to herself. That’s why the Agency for Covert Rare Operatives (ACRO) wants to recruit her to their side….To do so, Trance will have to pull off the impossible: capture and control Rik, both woman and beast.

On the run from the deadly agency that changed her into a pleasure-seeking shape shifter, Rik uses sex to rein in her own raging desires. Operating on pure instinct, she trusts no one…especially the magnificent alpha male with the power to seduce her into submission. An undercover agent with unique hypnotic gifts, Trance is surprised by his instinct to hold Rik and keep her safe — but he has a job to do. And as he hunts her down, as Rik and Trance are thrust into the ultimate game of domination and submission, they’ll enter a place where surrender is their sole hope of survival — and the only thing that can tame the wild beast in both of them…


“The writing team of Stepnanie Tyler and Larissa Ione (Sydney Croft) have gave us another great story about the ACRO agents. The depth of emotion between the characters seems very real. Taming the Fire is truly a page-turner that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This is a great series and I hope that there will be many, many more books to come.”
Robin, Night Owl Romance Reviews

“This is the fourth novel in the ACRO series and centers mainly around Trance and Rik.  Sydney Croft creates a thrilling paranormal read with action and scorching romance at every turn.  Taming the Fire has a lot going on, and if you’ve been following the series you’re going to love some of the developments for this story’s secondary characters.”
Kimberly Swan,

“[The] Fourth installment in this erotically charged series is totally outstanding. This is [a] sizzling hot series that has never failed to keep my undivided attention. The collaboration of Sydney Croft is nothing short of brilliant.”
Mandy Burns, Fresh Fiction

“Full of action and adventure, this book takes a long leisurely stroll through the world of BDSM. The characters’ gifts are each unique and special…Ms. Croft definitely grabbed this reader’s attention and was able to keep it throughout the entire story.”
—Kimberly, for Coffee Time Romance & More

“The exciting “stormy’ adventures of the ACRO agents continue as Trance and Rik battle for sexual supremacy in an exhilarating entry. Filled with BDSM, the story line focuses on the changing relationship between Trance and Rik while their common enemies stalk them…ans of the ACRO saga will enjoy TAMING THE FIRE as it burns you.”
Harriet Klausner

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Bantam Dell
May 2009
ISBN-10: 0385340826
ISBN-13: 978-0385340823

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